Kill It With Fire - Cult Movies and Cult-ure

Episode 4. Talk Radio (Oliver Stone, 1988)

Subtitle: Champlain for my real friends and true pain for Champlain

In this fourth episode of Kill It With Fire, Ady, Marc and Paul take a look at Oliver Stone's 1988 film Talk Radio, based on the play by monolinguist Eric Bogosian (and starring Bogosian in the lead role as radio 'shock jock' Barry Champlain.

Topics discussed include: Oliver Stone's work as a director; the origins of the film in Eric Bogosian's play; the film's production; Paul's inability to tell Alex Jones from The One Show apart from Alex Jones from America; the 'talk radio' phenomenon and its parallels with the age of the Internet and social media; being horrible on the Internet; trolling; and confusing Baldwins with Baldwins.

Episode 3. A Simple Plan (Sam Raimi, 1998)

Subtitle: Midwestern Noir, Sam Raimi and Screen Violence

In this third episode of Kill It With Fire, Ady, Peter and Paul discuss Sam Raimi's 1998 neo-noir film A Simple Plan, based on Scott Smith's 1990 novel of the same title.

Topics covered include: Sam Raimi's career; Midwestern Noir; Noir and the Gothic; screen violence; comparisons with Fargo and the overlap between the Coen Brothers' work and Raimi's career; the film's parallels with Shakespeare's Macbeth and Plato's story of the Ring of Gyges.

Episode 2. After Dark, My Sweet (James Foley, 1990)

Subtitle: Neo-noir, existentialism and Jim Thompson adaptations.

In this second episode of Kill It With Fire, Ady, Peter and Paul discuss James Foley's 1990 neo-noir film After Dark, My Sweet.

Topics covered include: 1980s/1990s neo-noir; the hardboiled crime fiction of Jim Thompson; existentialism in crime fiction; big screen adaptations of Jim Thompson's work; the production of the film; and the careers of the film's key personnel.

Episode 1. Q - The Winged Serpent (Larry Cohen, 1982)

In this inaugural episode of Kill It With Fire, we discuss Larry Cohen's 1982 monster movie Q - The Winged Serpent, starring Michael Moriarty, Candy Clark, David Carradine and Richard Roundtree.

Kill It With Fire is a podcast focused on discussion of cult movies and cult-ure. We are a group of likeminded creative professionals and academics.

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